About Me

Hey! I'm Nitin Ranganath, a software engineer from Mumbai, India. I primarily work with JavaScript / TypeScript and the React ecosystem. But you'll also find me working with Node.js, MongoDB and Express while building the backend for my personal projects.

Presently, I work at Tessact as Software Engineer 2, where I work with a lean team of 4 frontend engineers to build a next-gen video creation suite for the people of video. I've been leading the development efforts for bringing collaborative video reviewing and editing to the platform. I also maintain our in-house component library, icon library and website.

In late 2021, I created Driwwwle, an open-source platform for developers to showcase their projects, similar to how Dribbble is for designers. Today, Driwwwle has over 1500+ verified developers and 120+ projects listed. My other project, VSCode Portfolio, a developer portfolio that looks and feels like VSCode, has been starred over 500+ times on GitHub.

I've also had the pleasure of writing for some amazing publications like 100ms Blog, LogRocket Blog, DEV.to and more as a freelance technical author. Aside from programming and writing, I like to read a good dystopian novel, listen to calm piano music or just laze around.